Want Homecare for your Dog or Cat?

We can, with prior arrangement visit your home for walks, feeding, changing water bowls exercise and cuddles. Call us to discuss your needs


Many people want to have their pets at home but feel guilty for not being able to be there with them due to other commitments. Most our dogs just want to be with us all the time.

Prefer they not be around other dogs? Does your pet love people but not other dogs? We provide Home Care services. Based on the time we need to give to your pet, we allocate 1 or 2 employees to take care of them in the comfort of your home. They’ll treat your pets like their own for the time you’re gone.
With prior arrangements, we can visit your home and make your dog enjoy their day by taking them for walks, feeding, cleaning water bowls, and exercising them.

And one more thing, don’t be sad that you aren’t there to cuddle them because we give the best cuddles.
The charges for this service are low but the care our staff gives for your pets is incomparable.

Homecare K9 employee will visit your home.
ServicesFirst K9 / CatAdditional K9 (30% discount) For one additional
cat,no additional charge.
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One hour – includes visit at your home, cuddles,
walk and check water
Half hour – includes visit at your home, cuddles,
walk and check water
Two half hour visits – includes visit at your home,
cuddles, walk


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We are along the river on the west bank of the flats in Cleveland, conveniently located for downtown residents and workers as well as those living and working in the Ohio City and Tremont neighborhoods. We have easy, free parking and are the only facility with a doggie dance floor beneath huge skylights!

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