Dog Training- Positive Reinforcement Only

Description: We offer positive reinforcement group training classes, day training and board & train

Dog Training

(Positive reinforcement only)

Day Training

Think Kindergarten for dogs. This option is an add on to full day daycare. The play with the group during the day followed by 1 on 1 session with our trainer in the evening.

Group Classes

The traditional class setting where you learn to train your dog. Various levels offered throughout the year.

Board &Train

Have to leave town? Might be a good time to teach Fido some new tricks. We offer as a boarding add on so your pup can get an education while you are away. You can choose how much training takes place during the stay but there is a 4 hour minimum. A mandatory session takes place at the end so we can show you how to follow up at home.


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Training Services

K9 Cleveland offers many dog training options: from small group classes for you and your dog, to more intensive day training and board-and-train options.


Day Training

Day training includes intensive one-on-one training with your dog and a professional trainer from North Coast Dogs, as well as a full day of care during which our staff also work with your dog as part of the larger pack. Drop off can begin any time after 6am, but training takes place between 5pm and 7pm. Contact us for details and availability.

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Group Training

Group classes vary from a private lesson in one very obvious way – the number of other dogs (and humans) present. With the potential to meet a number of different dogs, group classes could appear to be a daunting prospect if you have a dog who is particularly hyperactive when meeting others for the first time. Similarly, you may be anxious about signing your dog up if they are timid or skittish.


Board & Train

Our Board-and-Train program runs for six days (Sunday through Friday) and includes intensive one-on-one training in partnership with North Coast Dogs, overnight boarding at K9 Cleveland, dog daycare during the day, a free collar, and a dog bath as well. The cost for this program varies based on how many hours are needed. Contact us for more details and to make a reservation. Our Board-and-Train program runs for six days (Sunday through Friday) ,

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We are along the river on the west bank of the flats in Cleveland, conveniently located for downtown residents and workers as well as those living and working in the Ohio City and Tremont neighborhoods. We have easy, free parking and are the only facility with a doggie dance floor beneath huge skylights!

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